About Us

The Tax Council Policy Institute (TCPI), which was created in 1997, is a non-profit and non-partisan public policy research and educational organization.  TCPI was created to help bring about a better understanding of significant federal tax policies that impact businesses and the national economy through careful study, thoughtful evaluation and open discussion. TCPI is affiliated with The Tax Council, an association established in 1966 for senior level tax professionals who work together to promote sound federal tax policies and a better understanding of our federal tax system.  

TCPI’s premier event is the Annual Tax Policy & Practice Symposium which is held each February in Washington, DC.  For the past 18 years, these symposia have played a critical role in helping to shape the debate, define the issues, and shed light on important tax issues.  The symposia are considered to be exceptionally effective because they bring together leading professionals from government, academia, and the private sector to intently focus on a specific, timely tax issue for two days of discussion and debate.  Previous topics include: 

In addition to the Annual Symposium, TCPI sponsors mini-symposia which serve as follow-ups or enhancements to the two-day symposia.  Generally, government tax staff is invited to join private sector experts to discuss important and timely tax issues via webcast.

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TCPI is affiliated with The Tax Council, an association comprised mainly of Fortune 500 companies, major trade associations and key accounting and law firms. The Tax Council has provided an ongoing forum on important tax policy issues for over 35 years in order to promote sound federal tax and fiscal policies and to bring about a better understanding of the tax system.

TCPI Tax Policy Research Fellowship Program

The Research Fellowship: Through its Tax Policy Research Fellowship Program, the Tax Council Policy Institute funds tax policy research costs associated with scholarly and objective reports on taxation topics of national and global importance, with an emphasis on tax policy issues that have been under-reported in American media.  The aim of the Research Fellowship Program is to assist graduate students and professionals with an interest in the field of tax policy in conducting research, attending technical conferences, and publishing reports on tax policy.  This will in turn develop a new generation of tax policy specialists and augment the overall quality of tax policy research.

Amount: Research fellowships are distributed on a competitive basis.  The amount of the research fellowship varies depending on project needs.  Individual research fellowships depend on the specific project and detailed budget planning.  Most research fellowship awards fall in the range of from $500 to $1,500, but, depending on project specifics, may be a greater amount.  Specific fellowship terms are negotiated during the application process.

Eligibility: The Tax Council Policy Institute endeavors to encourage new ideas in the field of tax policy and support students and young professional with an interest in tax policy.  Hence, the Tax Council Policy Institute Research Fellowships are open to all graduate students seeking an advanced degree in accounting, finance, or economics, a J.D., or an LL.M in taxation.  Proposed projects must include a credible research plan for successful completion of the research project and each fellow must demonstrate an educational or professional background related to the subject of the research topic.  The Tax Council Policy Institute reserves the right to publish the research reports of the fellows.  U.S. citizens and foreign nationals are eligible to apply.  However, the topics of research must relate to issues affecting tax policy in the United States.

Research Partnerships: The Tax Council Policy Institute encourages applicants to create partnerships with other institutions such as universities, government offices, and private business to develop and aid in funding for the research studies conducted by the research fellows.  Applicants that have secured other support for their research will have an advantage over those applicants seeking 100 percent of the funds for their research project from the Tax Council Policy Institute.

Application Deadline: Applications for the research fellowship are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year with the possibility that multiple fellows will be funded during one year.

For additional information or to apply contact lwalker@tcpi.org.